Our Story

Il Sorrentino, is a little bit of Italy, from our childhood, that we took with us in our luggage where you can taste the cuisine inspired by our youth in Sorrento. In creating this restaurant after several years as a chef in Italy, Switzerland, then France, I wanted to share with you both traditional and innovative Italian cuisine. Since the opening, we have not stopped revisiting the recipes of the Neapolitan gastronomy. Don't be surprised to hear our guests, like our team, speak Italian, because what we offer is a genuine Italian experience at the foot of the Eiffel Tower!

Italian Chefs
Authentic Recipes
Stunning Location

Experience modern Italian food using only fresh ingredients.

From our olive oil to our mozzarella to wines, all the quality ingredients are cooked according to tradition in order to create dishes with unique Italian flavor. Let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere and the flavors of southern Italy, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.